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"Nurturing Horse and Rider Toward Balance and Harmony"

Candi Hololio Johnson
P.O. Box 492709
Kea`au, HI 96749
(808) 825-3700

Equine Rehabilitation

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Types of Equine Rehabilitation
Generally all horses will require balancing in these three areas:


Candi Hololio Johnson is now offering equine rehabilitation on the Big Island of Hawai`i.
She has been able to assist horses with serious injury back to a productive and pain-free life,
as well as resolving serious metabolic imbalances and bringing great horses out of retirement.
This work is extremely labor intensive, but is also quite rewarding for the horse and horse
owner as well as the therapist. Natural and chemical-free horse-sense methods are utilized with
sensitivity, respect, and always an eye toward nurturing the horse as an individual being.

Candi has been doing this type of rehab work since 1971 when her first horse was seriously
injured and sustained extensive nerve damage. Coming from a non-horse family, Candi was able
to bring her horse back to competition status with daily sessions and much love. As the years
pass her experience grows, including the metabolic rehab of her Thoroughbred mare when
many professionals advised euthanizing the horse. Another of Candi's personal horses
was terribly impaired with OCD in the stifle at six years of age and is now completely sound at age 25,
even on steep trails with an intense riding program.

The Process

Horses and all beings are constantly working toward homeostasis and balance. Candi's unique
ability to observe minute detail and remain flexible in the rehab process produces sometimes
unprecedented results. Her commitment to each horse as an individual limits the number of
horses she is able to work with each year, but the validation of this choice is in the consistent
results produced. Presently Candi will provide such intense focus to only one horse at a time. Once
a horse reaches its equilibrium in the process, owners are provided with a program of nutrition
and exercise to keep the horse in a state of wellness.

Individual horses and situations require different programs and time frames to reach balance.
Generally a horse will be in rehab for 60-90 days. The rehab program includes nutritional
consulting and recommendations, therapeutic exercise/bodywork program at least 5 days per week,
and followup protocols to keep the rehabbed horse well. Summer is the preferred time for this work,
but wintertime programs are available on a limited basis.

Cost Due to rapidly rising costs, prices are subject to change.

Summer (May 1-October 1) $995/month plus board
Winter (October 1-May 1) $1095/month plus board
Training Only (no therapy) $795/month (summer only) plus board

If you would like to discuss a rehabilitation, training, or lesson program with Candi Hololio Johnson,
please email to set up a telephone consultation:

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